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The Brand Library is here to help!


I started writing stories in Kindergarten & yes, I still have them. My mother is the opposite of Marie Kondo.  I transformed my love of writing into a Public Relations degree & I have managed social media accounts & advertising for 15 years. I created my first freakin' sweet Website in GeoCities way back in 1998. It was for my Beanie Babies. 
Did I mention I have always been incredibly cool?


My professional background is medical branding & community building but my passion is helping creatives craft their stories online. My writing & media pitching has earned clients featured articles & interviews in outlets throughout the country.

Just don't ask me to do's not pretty.

the brand library philosophy

If you hired a plumber to fix your toilet & he came over, plopped a toilet down in your driveway, & charged you for it...

would you be cool with that? No? Then why oh why are you okay with paying a Web designer or a copywriter or a social media manager to plop down your brand's heart & soul with absolutely no follow-through or strategy? Enough is enough! We designed The Brand Library to be full-service, saving my clients time, money, & frustration. Every package comes with intentional strategy and follow-through sessions. Let's do this. 

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